♥ 11


Corset ♥ AsteroidBox. Hirudo Corset at Kinky
Boots ♥ _CandyDoll_ Demona Boots Black at Kinky
Skull ♥ :::ChicChica::: Skull Gena at Salem
Rings ♥ Astralia – Eternal Rings set
Choker ♥ Violent Seduction – Aureus Collar (Black)
Wings ♥ #2 Blueberry – Iconic Doll – Wings – Black / RARE
Nails ♥ [ Conviction ] The Claws – Possession at Salem
Hand Harness ♥ Astralia – Bdsm witch harnesses
Lashes ♥ WarPaint* Aurora lashes
Face Glitter ♥ WarPaint* Coastal Glow
Titty Glitter ♥ AE Glitter Cleavage
Face Hearts ♥ Pavement.// Bitch Please Hearts.
Hair ♥ #Foxy – Fallen Hair at Salem
Skin ♥ Insol.


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